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Our warehousing offers the possibility of long-term storage, even of rare assemblies. Thus, you receive from us in addition to unused, even rare and used assemblies of different types. In addition to avoiding the possibly complete new construction of industrial plants, the replacement also eliminates costly system failures in the short term. Almost all of our products can also be shipped by express or courier.

Hard to find


Exotic manufacturer? Already discontinued? No problem!
In our warehouse in Kiel-Wellsee you will find a large stock of products of well-known manufacturers. These are both unused original packaging and already used assemblies. Visit our shop, you will be amazed.

30 days "spares4less" warranty


We grant a 30-day "spares4less" warranty for material or manufacturing defects for all products.
In the case of a defect, we will replace the defective device if available in an equivalent replacement device or refund the purchase price, if a replacement device is no longer available from us.

Fast delivery


When shipping our products, we rely on reliable and reputable companies, such as UPS, DHL and Fedex.
Express deliveries are often possible within Europe, including "Next Day".
In the case of machine downtime, in most cases we also have the option of using a courier.

Our online shop, your spare parts warehouse!

large selection of spare parts


always cheapest prices


fast processing and shipping


Express within Europe often possible "next day"

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